Poems for him

21 x 29.7 cm
38 pages
100 copies

Printed in Athens, 2023

A collection of poems by artist Eleni Bagaki firstly written in 2016. Typed on her mobile phone in English, in a standard font, they were initially saved as pdf files and then printed individually on A4 sheets. The texts function as haikus, as short phrases of
a first-person narrative addressed to a single recipient: "Him."

She left, she left again, she left once more

13 x 20 cm
144 pages
400 copies

Printed in Athens, 2022

A book by artist Eleni Bagaki, written over the course of a 3 year traveling and living from place to place in the context of art residencies. In an existential quest, she traveled to Hucisko, Berlin, São Paulo, Stockholm, Fogo Island, and Bergen before moving back to Athens. The above cities become the background where the artist explores the act of leaving/living in the search for happiness and some kind of meaning.

Butter and Cracker

English, Greek

28 × 23.5 cm
46 pages
200 copies

Printed in Athens, 2022

Published by miss dialectic & DOLCE

Α script by Eleni Bagaki, written to be read as an autonomous text, without the intention of making it into a film. HE and SHE meet and try to get to know each other. Their conversations about love, art, and food unfold how different they are from each other. However, as they get closer to one another and perhaps even fall in love, they suddenly realize they are trapped in the script itself. They begin to question their intentions and whether they can define their own actions independently. Will they choose to flip the script? If so, what will happen?

No Script

28 × 23.5 cm
70 pages
300 copies

Printed in Athens, 2017

A book by artist Eleni Bagaki inspired from a failed romantic relationship between a female artist and a male filmmaker. They meet and try to become a couple. She wants to make a film. His script is bad. They break up. She keeps looking for a story to shoot when she realizes that the relationship itself, and the process of processing it through her art, should be the film.

Look for love and find a log instead

16 × 23 cm
24 pages
100 copies

Printed in Krakow, 2017

A book written and published during Eleni Bagaki’s stay at the Kantor Foundation, Poland. The project is about the artist who stays alone in the remote village of Hucisko. She lives and works in solitude while she only keeps contact with the program’s curator via emails. Inspired by their conversations and the wilderness of the place, she writes a love story about the challenge of being alone while there is no one around to fall in love.