Photo: Penelope Gerasimou

Group show at the Historical Building of PPC, Neo Faliro Steam Power Station, Athens

Work, work, work, not is a series of collages of photos from the DEI archive combined with the photos from the artist's personal archive. The images from the DEI archive are from the albums of the company's employee excursions from 1950–53 to various parts of Attica. The natural environment in places like Loutsa and Varkiza, where they have now been built and developed, looks wild and pristine, reminding us of a very different time. In these photographs, the employees are not performing any professional duties, instead, they seem to be enjoying nature excursions with their families away from their professional obligations.

Curated by Panos Giannikopoulos and Georgia Liapi
Research and organization by Eleni Kalara