Video still, 2018, HD video, colour, sound, 18 min 42 sec.

When I met Murakami’s cat was conceived during my three-month residency at Pivô, Sao Paulo. A woman travels to Brazil looking for nothing – apart from finding herself – when she comes across a cat. Soon she realizes that the cat she meets is Haruki Murakami’s cat, and she is lost. The cat can speak the human language and tells her own story; her journey from Tokyo – where she was found and adopted by Murakami, – to Hawaii – where she lived peacefully under a tree with a kind man – and to Sao Paulo – where she was kidnapped by a teenager boy and forced to learn the Portuguese language as part of his linguistic experiment.

When I met Murakami’s cat, script published at Pivô Magazine, 01, 77-78, 2019.